Mega Mansions in Florida
Florida's Mega Mansion Estate Homes
Current Florida Homes Priced Over 20 Million
Patti Jewel
Social Media Marketing in Florida
Social Media Marketing - how to Get the Most from the Various Platforms to Promote Your Florida Business
Don't Let COVID Slow You Down! Put More Focus into Your Social Media Right Now
April Success
Florida's Key Lime Pie
Key Lime Pie - One of Florida's Most Famous Foods
Do you love the mouthwatering tartness and creaminess of a key lime pie?
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Crystal Lagoons
Crystal Lagoons®, if you haven’t heard of it, you will
Florida now has the largest pool in the U.S.
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Florida's Unique Museum - Shell Museum
10 Unique Museums in Florida
With so many museums in Florida, we thought it would be fun to show you a unique experience with our choices of the most original museums in Florida.
Florida Best Lighthouses
Florida's 10 Best Lighthouses
With over a thousand miles of coastline, it's no wonder Florida has some of the best lighthouses in the U.S. Check out our pick for the top 10.
Florida's African American History
The Best Places to Learn about Florida's African American History
Florida is home to some really great inventions