Florida Biking & Hiking

Florida is a state made for hikers and cyclists. All across the state are miles upon miles of paved and unpaved trails. Hiking and biking tours remain popular activities among residents and visitors looking to experience the outdoors. With trails in every city, the opportunities to venture through Florida’s scenic landscape are endless.

General James A. Van Fleet State Trail named after General James A. Van Fleet, a prominent Polk county resident, who was a U.S. military commanding officer. He is most recognized for his service during the Normandy Invasion, the Battle of the Bulge, and the Korean War. The General James A. Van Fleet Trail runs 29.2 miles long and passes through Florida's most widely sought out paddling havens like the Peace, Hillsborough, and Withlacoochee rivers. The horse trail parallel to the General James A. Van Fleet Trail and provides a place for equestrians to ride their horses. The General James A. Van Fleet Trail is pet-friendly, it has wheelchair accessibility, restroom facilities, and a picnic pavilion.