Florida Local Book Stores

Bookstore chains can be found everywhere, but it’s important to support independent and local bookstores. Many local bookstores offer used books for low prices or special sections dedicated to authors from Florida. Visiting independent bookstores is a great way to find interesting and unique books you might not find at a chain.

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Florida Listings

This small town independent book store is a great place to get personalized service while you shop for books. You can also find exquisite yarns as well as games and diversions!

Dunbar Old Books is Miami's premier used book store. They have a huge selection of everything and books on every topic, but they are specialize in rare and out of print books, 80% of their stock is out of print.

Key West has always been a literary haven, and this bookstore continues the tradition. In addition to best sellers and popular novels, they specialize in local authors both past and present.

Shop for books and so much more while you browse the shop presided over by bookstore cat Kitty-Wan Kenobi. Tons of events make this a great part of the community.

For more than 30 years, this bookstore has been serving the panhandle with all kinds of local and non-local books. With a great atmosphere and a location near the shore, this is the best place to find your perfect beach read.

Take a step back in time and let your nostalgia take over at this old fashioned book store! They have lots of different genres of books including many Florida history books and autographed first editions.

Enjoy food, books, and a beautiful outdoor space at this Coconut Grove gem. Handpicked books ranging from art and travel to food and New York Times best sellers become an experience here when paired with the cafe's delicious food.

This bookstore has been supporting and promoting local in DeLand since 1980. Lots of different kinds of books can be found here including antiquarian books dating back to the 1700′s.

Veni Vidi Vici Social Club is a great place to grab a drink, listen to some live music, and buy some books. It's an Italian themed venue and bookstore, but a visit here is more about hanging out and meeting new people than anything else.

Writer’s Block Bookstore is one of Central Florida's best independent book stores. They sell everything from bestsellers to indie books and old classics. You can also find lots of gifts for the book lover in your life.