Florida's Environment

Florida is comprised of a diverse environment, landscape and wildlife. From the Everglades to the Florida Keys, each region of Florida has its own unique qualities as well as plants and animals that inhabit these areas. Because of this, Florida is an ideal location for the study of the environment, ecology, and geology as it has much to offer those interested in these studies.

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Welcome to the country's largest subtropical wilderness! The biodiversity at the Everglades National Park is truly unfathomable and must be experienced first hand. It serves as home to many endangered species such as the American crocodile, manatee, American alligator, sea turtles, birds, Florida panther, and many types of plants. If you are eager to learn and experience the wildlife in a way that you will never forget, this is the place for you. They have ranger programs, tours, books, and many other activities to educate visitors on topics related to the different species and their environment. If you become an expert, you could even volunteer in aiding their conservation efforts. 

Rotary Riverfront Park is a community park that is located by the Indian River Lagoon in Titusville, Florida. The park consists of a playground, pavilion, lookout deck, & fishing pier.

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The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) protects, conserves and manages Florida's natural resources including state parks and trails system, and enforces the State's environmental laws. Find Florida Geological and Environmental information from this official site.   

Experience the Halpatiokee Nature Trail deep in the Savannas Preserve State Park in Port St Lucie. The sights range from floodplain forests to scrubs and pine flatwoods. Travel the Main Trail and Loop Trail for different perspectives of the surrounding habitat. Between mangrove-lined channels along the creek and slight elevations of the uplands, there is a varying difference between the ecosystems that is fascinating to observe.

Halpatiokee Nature Trail

The Oxbow Eco-Center protects approximately 225 acres of habitat, providing viewing towers, hiking trails, and a well developed Discovery Center and Exhibit Hall. The Eco-Center holds year round educational programs for children and adults, and there is even a canoe dock for those interested in paddling. Walk the Gopher Tortoise Trail or Otter Trail to spot a few native wildlife to the area, and spot the laden oaks, cabbage palms, and scrub-jay. 

Oxbow Eco-Center

The Riverwalk Boardwalk is a primary fishing location of Port St Lucie, made entirely of recycled materials with thermoplastic railing and a solar powered lighting system. The boardwalk and observation deck provide an excellent view of the wetlands and St Lucie River, reaching nearly 2,500 feet. Attached is a nature trail and boat and canoe launch. 

Riverwalk Boardwalk