Florida Parks

National Parks in Florida

The national parks of Florida are essential for the preservation of wildlife and land. The federal government protects a number of state parks in Florida where visitors can get a glimpse of the state’s ecosystem and have the opportunity to enjoy mother nature and all that she has to offer. Florida has a plethora of State Parks, and 11 National Parks, including the National Seashores.

National Seashores & Parks


Florida State Parks

There are more than 180 state parks in the state of Florida. These state parks serve as the perfect destination for family-fun during summertime. Most of the state parks in Florida offer camping for tents, campers, RVs, and cabins. Looking to go for a swim? Florida state parks contain different water environments such as springs, lakes, and rivers. Or maybe you are into sight seeing and exploring nature. Nature trails usually abound in these parks making it easy to enjoy a hike, bike ride, or walk. Florida state parks provide one-of-a-kind scenic environments, diverse wildlife, and a plethora of activities for all to enjoy.

Florida State Trails & Trailheads

Florida State Park system is home to some of the best Trails for hiking and biking, equestrian, paddling and multi-use. The Florida National Scenic Trail travels through the state parks in Florida and connects the unique natural environments. The Florida Trail follows 1,500 miles of hiking, biking, and paddling.

Florida Local CountyCommunity and City Parks

Florida is home to even more parks with City, County and Locally managed parks across the state.

Florida Parks & Recreation

With the largest state park system in the country, the opportunities to enjoy the outdoors in Florida are endless. From swimming and diving in rivers and springs to hiking and riding along scenic nature trails, Florida’s parks have something to offer just about anyone.

Every county in Florida, and many of the larger cities, has a department that is focused on parks and recreation in their region who work to provide recreational parks and facilities that are safe and accessible for the community’s residents and visitors. The recreational activities and facilities at the parks varies by county and may include baseball fields, athletic fields for multiple field sports, tennis courts, basketball courts, skating parks, swimming pools, cross training courses, hiking and biking trails, boating, playgrounds and more. Finding recreational activities outdoors in Florida is easy and fun!

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