Florida Caverns

Florida is home to a wide variety of unique and amazing caves and caverns. From the state’s northern panhandle to its southern tip, there are hundreds of fascinating underground sites just waiting to be explored. From limestone caves with towering stalactites and stalagmites, to river-formed sinkholes and collapsed volcano chambers, these subterranean marvels are often home to rare and endangered species, dazzling geological formations, and even ancient artifacts.

The best place to explore a cavern in Florida is at Florida Caverns State Park, one of Florida’s National State Parks. Florida Caverns is the only official site for exploring caverns that are above water level.

Another popular spot is the Collier-Seminole State Park, located in Southwestern Florida near Naples. This park contains an array of unique caves, sinkholes, and abandoned mines, as well as some of the state’s richest archaeological sites. Visitors are able to explore these caves, which are filled with fascinating rock formations and crystal-clear water pools.

The Devil’s Den Cave in Williston is another popular destination for cavers and adventurers alike. This cave system consists of over 12 miles of winding tunnels and caverns, and is said to be one of the longest cave systems in North America. The Devil’s Den Cave is also home to some of Florida’s most unique formations, such as massive fossils, spectacular flowstone curtains, and delicate crystal-clear formations.

Florida’s caves and caverns are a unique and amazing part of the state’s natural heritage. Whether you’re a professional caver or an amateur looking to explore the depths of this underground wonderland, Florida’s caves offer something for everyone.

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