City of Frostproof, Florida

In 1850, like many settlements in this area of Florida, the city started out as a fort. Fort Clinch, as it was called, was abandoned after only a few months. It was a prime spot for hunting deer and turkey, as well as for fishing. W.H. Overocker applied for the first post office here in 1892 and suggested calling it Keystone City. The postal authorities rejected it, saying there was already a Keystone Heights in Florida. A man named Joseph Washington Carson suggested Frostproof as a substitute because of how little the area’s citrus crop was affected by the massive Florida freeze, but Overocker ignored it and chose Lakemont. Carson volunteered to deliver the application to the post office in nearby Fort Meade. On the way, he changed the name from Lakemont to Frostproof, which was approved. Interestingly enough, Carson was named postmaster of Frostproof.