City of Dunnellon, Florida

Following its founding in 1887, phosphate was discovered in the area in 1889 and jump-started an expansion that would go on for 20 years. The mining took place in and along Blue Run River, which is now called Rainbow River. In fact, the nearby subdivision of Blue cove was originally a mining pit. Filming locations were set up along Rainbow River State Park, and throughout the city as well, for the 2001 horror classic Jeepers Creepers.

Natural Watering Holes
9 Crystal Clear Natural Watering Holes in Florida
Check out these beautiful natural watering holes that the Sunshine State has to offer
Samantha Kern

A state park with one of Florida's largest springs, pumping out water at a rate of 400 million gallons per day. With up to 18 feet of depth and crystal clear, blue waters, snorkelers have a great opportunity to experience the bountiful wildlife that inhabit the springs. Additionally, hiking, kayaking, tubing, and camping are popular activities at this park with 10,000 years of history, abundant with lush gardens, waterfalls, and scenic views.

Rainbow Springs

The Ross Prairie Trailhead & Campground allows guests to hike, camp, horseback ride, and picnic. Some of amenities on site include restroom facilities, campgrounds, and a picnic pavilion. 

Ross Prairie Trailhead and Campground