City of Brooksville, Florida

The city hosts an annual Blueberry Festival in its downtown area with music performances. They hope to someday rival the famous Strawberry Festival in Plant City. The famously haunted May-Stringer House (now a historical museum) is also located in Brooksville. The 158-year old house is one of the oldest buildings in the area. A contractor named John L. May purchased the Brooksville property in 1855 and built a home for his family. His wife, Marena, died in childbirth while delivering their daughter, Jessie Mae, who died three years later. Ever since Hernando County began restoration attempts, they reported cold spots, unexplainable mist, objects moving, and a young girl’s laughter coming from an upstairs bedroom. Some have even heard a child wailing and crying for her mother, though there were absolutely no children allowed on the restoration site.

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The Live Oak Theatre Company does three productions every season. You can be any age to audition for the Live Oak Theatre Company. There are group classes and private classes. Prices and classes available are on their website. 

Bayfront Health Port Charlotte has provided over 80 years of health care services for the people in the Southwest region of Florida. Bayfront's staff are highly-trained physicians that provide care in over 25 specialties. Their top of the line technology makes it one of the only hospitals in the area with a New Vision medical stabilization program for people with drug, alcohol, and health-related issues.

Brooksville-Tampa Bay Regional Airport & Technology Center is a multi-use economic development and public-use aviation facility. Covering 2,400-acres that is well-suited for both commercial and industrial development, this prime property is the largest airport north of the Tampa Bay-St. Petersburg/Clearwater region.

Center for the Arts and Microsociety

Sparacia Witherell Family Winery & Vineyards has been a family owned winery since 2016. They grow muscadine and hybrid varieties of wine grapes in the western part of Florida.