City of Apalachicola, Florida

The locals refer to their city as simply, “Apalach”. It is a picturesque area and has over 900 historic homes, many dating back to the 19th and 20th centuries. The vibrant history and rich maritime culture can still be seen on its working waterfront. Even buildings that once served as ship’s chandleries, net factories, and a sponge warehouse are now a blend of eclectic shops, restaurants, galleries, and B&B’s.

Historic Homes Northwest, Florida

This state park was named after John Gorrie, a physician who was deeply involved with his community as he served as a postmaster, city treasurer, town councilman, and even a bank director. During his lifetime, yellow fever was a big problem in the area, and he found that the cooler the room, the easier it was for patients to survive. He received the first U.S. Patent for mechanical refrigeration in 1851 and this ice-making machine sits in the museum on the this state park property. There are, of course, other artifacts throughout the lifetime of Gorrie that sit on display in the museum, as well as some history of the Florida Park Service, which is dedicated to preserving the natural areas of Florida. Along with the museum, people can picnic on the grounds when it's a beautiful day outside.

John Gorrie Museum State Park

Overlooking the Apalachicola River is a beautiful home built by Thomas Orman for all sorts of gatherings in 1838. The rich history behind the Orman House Historic State Park aided in shaping Florida. Travel back in time and take a tour of the home, or visit the Chapman Botanical Gardens, which is always blooming in remembrance of one of the most popular botanists, Dr. Alvan Chapman. Experience the interpretive exhibits and nature trails, and find out everything that this state park has to offer.

Orman House Historic State Park
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The Dixie Theater celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2013. It has been both a movie theater and a performing arts venue throughout its long history. In reopened after renovations in 1998 and has since served as a performance space and a rental space for private parties during the off-season.

This small town independent book store is a great place to get personalized service while you shop for books. You can also find exquisite yarns as well as games and diversions!