Union County

Union County is located in North Central Florida north of Gainesville bordering Baker, Bradford, Alachua, and Columbia Counties. 

Union County is the smallest county in the state of Florida, established from a portion of Bradford County in 1921. The county was to be named New River, the original name of Bradford County. The name origination of Union is unclear, although it has been suggested that it was derived from the fact that both parts of Bradford County were united in wanting the separation. 

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Union County School District is nestled in rural southeast Florida and is geographically the smallest district in the state of Florida. Currently, there are 6 schools in Union County and student enrollment is above 2,000 students.

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The New River Public Library Cooperative is a cooperative of three libraries in Bradford County, Baker County, and Union County.

Union County, the smallest county in the state of Florida, is host to several great locations for outdoor recreation. Hit the water at a freshwater beach, visit the local hiking and biking trails, and make a trip to its local museum.

The Union County Public Library is Union County library in Lake Butler. It is part of the New River Public Library Cooperative which also serves Bradford and Baker counties.