Taylor County

Taylor County is located in North Central Florida in the Panhandle bordering the Gulf of Mexico and Jefferson, Madison, Lafayette and Dixie Counties. 

Taylor County was established from a portion of Madison County in 1856 and named for Zachary Taylor, Commander of the Federal forces during the Second Seminole War and 12th President of the U.S.

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The Forest Capital Museum State Park is dedicated to celebrating and showing Florida's beautiful pine trees. Weddings are often held at the Forest Capital Museum State Park due to the beautiful scenery. Well behaved dogs on leashes are permitted on site, except for indoors. The Forest Capital museum is onsite as well and its goal is to provide information on Florida's pine trees.

Over 3,500 students are enrolled in Taylor County’s 9 public schools. Taylor County High School prides itself for having an Army JROTC unit which has been an Honor Unit with recognition for 27 consecutive years.

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Taylor County is hosts a unique celebration of Northwest Florida's outdoor culture. Past and present mix in a tangy BBQ rub, while fisherman take their rods out on the water in a concert of Florida culture. 

Comprised of homeschooling moms and dads from our community, H.E.L.P. is a helpful haven to homeschool families in our area offering a plethora of ideas, experience, and support to any home school family.