Nassau County

Nassau County is located in Northeast Florida bordering Georgia on the north, the Atlantic Ocean on the east, and Duval and Baker County. 

Nassau County was established from St. Johns County in 1824 and named for the Nassau Sound, which separates Nassau and Duval counties. The name comes from the capital of the Bahamas, which was named for the Duchy of Nassau, a former German state. 

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Fernandina Plaza Historic State Park is filled with a rich history, a beautiful view. Once the site of the wooden Spanish Fort San Carlos, the park now hosts beautiful old Victorian houses, with the Plaza sill remaining. Sitting atop a bluff you will find an tranquil view of the Amelia river. It is the smallest state park in Florida, home to about 0.8 acres that offer a wonderful location for your next picnic. Sit on the bluffs watching the shrimp boats head out to sea, enjoy the breeze and salty air, and take in the history.

Fort Clinch State Park is one of the parks in Florida that holds much historical significance. As shown by the rows of cannons that are lined up across the St. Mary's River, it served as a strategic ground during the Civil War. The park offers tours with fun filled activities where one can learn about the historic events that took place at the site. During the first weekend of each month, one can relive the events that occurred in the battle field with the firing of the cannons and other battlefield demonstrations. 

Nassau County School District is one the largest school districts in Florida. The district home to over 25 public schools, including alternative schools and charter schools.

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Amelia Island Montessori School (AIMS) is an independent school in Fernandina Beach, Florida, offering a private education true to the original Maria Montessori philosophy.

Nassau County features 19 park locations to provide entertainment and enrichment in North Florida’s natural environment.

The Nassau County Public Library has 5 branches in Bryceville, Callahan, Fernandina Beach, Hilliard, and Yulee.

Take a step back in time and let your nostalgia take over at this old fashioned book store! They have lots of different genres of books including many Florida history books and autographed first editions.