Yellow Bluff Fort Historic State Park

Travel back in time to the days of the Civil War when you visit Yellow Bluff Fort Historic State Park. Although an official fort was never constructed on this land, Yellow Bluff served as an important military site throughout the Civil War. Located just north of the St. Johns river, this land was vital for both Confederate and Union troops as it provided easy access to a delivery method for troops and artillery. Yellow Bluff was home to Confederate and Union troops alike during different parts of the war; used for Confederate defenses in 1861 and 1862, and a communications tower for Union forces in 1864. It wasn’t until 1950 that the land of Yellow Bluff was donated to be a state park.

This state park is 1.3 acres of American history. Take a walk and enjoy the Civil War-era defenses still standing today. Earthworks, or mounded up dirt used in defensive fighting, can be found throughout the park. These T-shaped fortifications were used to protect troops and guns from enemy forces. Step into the shoes of a Civil War soldier and explore the expansive system of trenches that has survived the test of time within Yellow Bluff. Replica cannons and a monument honoring the troops that served there can also be found in the park. Ready for lunch? Two picnic tables are offered for your convenience. Have lunch where acclaimed military regiments were stationed, including the 54th Massachusetts African-American regiment. When you visit Yellow Bluff Fort Historic State Park, you become one with history.

Location: Northeast Florida

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