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Troy Spring State Park

Troy Spring State Park is a Florida state park, it can be found 6 miles to the north of Branford town in Suwannee county. Troy Spring is one of Florida’s 33 magnitude springs which provide a relaxing spot for swimming, snorkeling, and interestingly diving. The spring water maintains a temperature of 72­­ degrees, the 325-foot spring-run meanders to eventually join the much darker and tannic Suwannee River. What makes the spring an excellent spot for swimming and scuba diving is the clarity of the water which provides high depth visibility.

Scuba diving in Troy spring is exciting due to the presence of steam shipwreck Madison, multiple unexplored cave systems, and undisturbed populations of fish and turtles. Madison is a relic from the Civil war that lays in the bottom of Troy spring, the ship belonged to Captain James M. Tucker, who owned and operated the ship in 1854. During the war, when the Union troops were advancing through South Georgia and heading to Florida, Captain Tucker feared for his ship to fall into the hands of the Union troops who would use it for their advantage, and he ordered for the ship to be sunk in the bottom of the river. The park provides experiences such as boating, paddling, hiking, geo-seeking, picnicking, as well as wedding events.

Location: Northeast Florida

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