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At OliveOnion they're committed to using only the freshest quality ingredients and making everything to order in Davie, Florida. They're also rounding out your meal with sides, including crispy pita chips and homemade hummus.

Flavor is everything! At least when it comes to every item on OliveOnion’s menu. The owners of this French style food truck were eager to introduce intense Mediterranean flavors in South Florida. This dream has become reality because of their “innovative recipes from contemporary chefs”, tasty seasonings, and slow-cooked meats. Gyros and salads are just a few items on a great menu that maintains an equilibrium of delicious flavors and natural ingredients. 

Essence of French Cuisines

Some of the dishes people tend to remember are those made from scratch. There is something about the authenticity of a fresh made meal that will make you never forget it. This long-lasting impression is what drives OliveOnion. Their seasoning, herbs, and French cooking style are the essence of each dish. OliveOnion is a food truck that brings the best of both worlds to South Florida with foods that are both healthy and delicious! 

Customers also come back to this food truck to try something new each visit due to their customizable menu. Individuals who are vegans, vegetarians, paleo, and keto are captivated by the food OliveOnion offers because each dish can be altered toward their eating habits without sacrificing taste or quality. In addition, OliveOnion is aware of their surroundings, since they serve customers outdoors, so they utilize environmentally friendly packaging materials. 

A Cheerful Truck

According to Anthony from the OliveOnion, the Lemon-Oregano Chicken is their most popular item, with the Merguez Sausage as a close second. These meats are slowly cooked to perfection as they absorb the spices and flavorful herbs. It is your choice whether to pair these meats up with a hand-crafted pita bread or French-style salad. Down the road, OliveOnion would love to continue catering to homes and offices throughout cities in South Florida such as Miami, Hollywood, Fort-Lauderdale, and more. However, none of this would be possible if it wasn’t for “cheerful, sunny” staff that continues to bring positivity to the company. OliveOnion is proud of the genuine quality of their food and they can’t wait for you to try it! To find out where the OliveOnion click here to visit the calendar on their website. 

Olive Onion