The Mennello Museum of American Art

The Mennello Museum of American Art Building

Listen up art fans, if you're looking for a place to admire some beautiful art pieces, then there is a place just for you. Come on down and visit The Mennello Museum of American Art.  Here you can examine a wide array of paintings by many talented artists, including Earl Cunningham. You can also check out some programs such as educational initiatives, publications, and exhibitions that pay tribute other American art and its artists across a diverse range of American art. It has four intimate rooms and gallery spaces to show American art of all genres and time periods.

Not only do they have exhibitions indoors, but they also have an outdoor exhibition annually in the Marilyn L. Mennello Sculpture Garden. This museum is affiliated with The Smithsonian, who shares scholarships and exhibitions with the community. The museum even has the Orlando Urban Trail, the museum’s outside space that has green grass, a view of the lake, and walking paths. With all that it has to offer, why wouldn't you come by this art museum? So take a visit to The Mennello Museum of American Art and enjoy all the art you could ask for.

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