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Joe and his son operate Joe Joe On The Go focusing on fresh seafood and other tasty meals. Joe has over 30 years of experience in the culinary industry, which he used to help create their diverse menu. 

Two Joes

The story of this food truck is the story of two Josephs. These two Joes are a father and son. The father Joseph, who has 30 years of experience as an executive chef/instructor was inspired by the younger Joseph to start a food truck. The results are delicious fare specializing in seafood dishes like Shrimp Tacos and Black Angus Super Burgers alongside Truffle Fries.

Experience and Passion

The father Joe worked in Manhattan under world famous chef Daniel Boulud at LeCirque, and this expertise is channeled into the fare at JoeJoe on the Go. The disciple cultivated in one of New York’s most acclaimed restaurants has made the strictest standards of taste one of the hallmarks of JoeJoe. This acumen is combined with the passion of the younger Joseph, who is studying his craft under his father after being inspired to take up the trade immediately after high school and form a partnership with his father.

Family and Food

With business going so well for JoeJoe after just six months, the younger Joseph is being prepped to take over the booming truck in the next couple of years so his father can slow down a bit. Other family members who play a vital role include the wife of the elder and mother to the younger Joe, Claire, who, while working full time, still finds a way to attend 90% of the food truck events. Claire offers her personal touch by taking orders, working the register, and even delivering food to customers personally. Their daughter Ashley, who lives in North Carolina, also helps out on the truck whenever she comes down. Three friends of the family also lend a hand on the truck, giving this food truck a unique flavor of family oriented service.

The JoeJoe Flavor

JoeJoe has an eclectic mix of Seafood and non seafood flavors which are supported by the truck’s particularly high quality refrigeration, high quality ingredients, and extensive culinary experience. These factors make items like Shrimp Tacos, Salmon Sandwich with Asian Slaw, Octopus Martini Salad, Super Black Angus Burger, Little Neck Clams in White Wine, and Seafood Salad in a Spinach Wrap best selling items. The Pitaco, a mix of ground chuck, Caribbean herbs, sour cream, four cheeses, and plantain chips also offers a unique food choice along with the Truffle Oil & Parmesan Fries, which is a must try.

Come visit this food truck and enjoy a family and quality driven food truck on the rise, while trying menu items which are sure to be new favorites.

Joe Joe On The Go