HipPOPs handcrafted awesomeness

POPs in Dubai

HipPOPs follows the old-world tradition of Italian gelaterias with offerings of handcrafted artisan dessert treats, including gelato, sorbet, and frozen yogurt.

Bringing the POPs to the People

There is a sense of freedom attached to the food truck industry. After having had enough of costly leases, rent, and rules of malls, Anthony Fellows decided to start a food truck. However, this is not an ordinary food truck that serves fresh hot entrees. In fact, it is the exact opposite. Anthony realized the various frozen yogurt concept POPing up everywhere and he was looking to start something similar but more unique. When Anthony’s aunt took a trip to Italy she shared her experience of “gelato on a stick”. This fueled a new concept in Anthony’s mind as he watched the booming food truck industry in South Florida. 

Anthony was seeking a “portable product in a mobile format”, which led him to think Let's take the POPs to the people instead of waiting for the people to come to the POPs. Fortunately, this process is how HipPops handcrafted awesomeness POPed up in South Florida. This POPtruck serves healthy, customizable frozen treats that Anthony loves sharing with the community. HipPOPs handcrafted awesomeness tries their best to source ingredients locally. Anthony also takes pride in his reformed frozen dessert business model that he refers to as the ““Frozen Dessert Business Reimagined”. 

The various combinations HipPOPs offers are rare due to reinvestment in the quality of each POP, instead of a costly retail location. This POPtruck considered their current by making these sweet treats affordable for everyone!

POPs You Cannot Refuse

The Godfather
The Godfather

Do you have a favorite topping for your ice cream or fro-yo? I do! Anthony feels the same way, which inspired him to apply this concept to these gelato bars. The HipPOPs menu consists of various flavors, dips, and toppings guests love. A POP-ular bar amongst many customers is The Godfather. This homemade pistachio gelato bar is dipped in signature semi-sweet Belgian Chocolate and rolled in salted pistachio pieces. The HipPOPs food truck has exactly what you need to satisfy that sweet tooth of yours. Also, the family atmosphere tends to draw people in and give them an exceptional experience. The glee on the faces of their guests brings joy to Anthony and his team, especially at the special events they cater. Catering is a segment of Anthony’s business he hopes to expand. Click here to discover the next destination for HipPOPs handcrafted awesomeness!

HipPOPs Handcrafted Gelato Bars