George Crady Bridge Fishing Pier State Park

George Crady Bridge Fishing Pier
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This state park contains of one mile long pedestrian only fishing bridge where visitors can catch a variety of fish with a hook. It's one of the best fishing areas on the Northeast side of Florida, so it's a must to check out if you're looking for a great place to relax with a fishing pole. To get to the bridge, visitors have to travel through Amelia Island State Park but it's a beautiful drive full of natural scenery and you might even get a few glimpses of the wildlife that live there. 

There's a small shop here too, On the Line Bait and Tackle, where they offer bait, refreshments, and pole rentals if you don't have your own or don't want to travel with everything. Other than fishing, the grounds offer paths for bicycling, hiking, walking and running, and areas for wildlife viewing and picnicking. It's the perfect place to relax on your own or in a group so bring the whole family and see what you can catch!