Fort Clinch State Park

Fort Clinch State Park is one of the parks in Florida that holds much historical significance. As shown by the rows of cannons that are lined up across the St. Mary’s River, it served as a strategic ground during the Civil War. The park offers tours with fun filled activities where one can learn about the historic events that took place at the site. During the first weekend of each month, one can relive the events that occurred in the battle field with the firing of the cannons and other battlefield demonstrations.

Historical Significance aside, there are many other activities offered at Fort Clinch State Park. One can Kayak through its long rivers or hike the many trails. Since the park is located along the beach shore, camping there can be a treat. It is not uncommon to spot a tortoise or whale while watching from the shore. Other activities enjoyed by visitors include shelling, shark tooth hunting, and fishing.

Location: Northeast Florida

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