Food Dude Fresh Jerk Grill

Caribbean Whole Fried Snapper
Calypso Jerk Wings
Loaded Jerk Tostones

A twist on Caribbean food is what the Food Dude does best. They have rice, jerk wings, and even fried fish. Take your pick!

Have you ever visited the Caribbean islands? Culture is vital to natives of the Caribbean, and a huge part of their history are the recipes and dishes that have been passed down through many generations. Interesting, right? Well, guess what! You can find delicious Caribbean delicacies right here in Florida, and the Food Dude Fresh Jerk Grill food truck is living proof. 

Door-to-Door Beginnings

Erica Torres and her husband Chef Alex have brought together the foods of two distinct Caribbean islands-- Puerto Rico and Jamaica. They are fanatics over the traditional meals these places offer. You might be thinking, how did they get their food truck business started in the first place? Erica and Chef Alex were led to delivering their tasty, homemade dishes in Miramar, Florida after needing a career change in late 2013. Meanwhile, Erica built an Instagram account for Food Dude that gained a significant following. 

Fusion of Cultures

Chef Alex had the great idea to blend Jamaican and Puerto Rican traditional dishes with a contemporary arrangement. For instance, Jamaican jerk and Puerto Rican pernil mixed together served with tostones. If you’re familiar with these cultures, and not the other this gives you the chance to step outside of your comfort zone. 

Calypso is the Way to Go

Food Dude Fresh Jerk Grill has a signature Calypso jerk barbecue sauce that Erica promises you won’t find anywhere else. At the Wynwood Yard, where several food trucks feed the Miami community, customers rave over the Loaded Jerk Tostones and Calypso Jerk Chicken Wings. Get the Loaded Jerk Tostones with boneless chicken for a meal that the people in Miami can’t get enough of. The chicken is served over fried, pressed plantains and topped with caramelized onions, green peppers, cheese, and the infamous Calypso sauce. Yum! With a side of yellow saffron rice, the Calypso Jerk Chicken Wings are fresh off the grill with the Calypso barbecue glaze. These are a couple of Food Dude dishes that keep customers coming back once a week as their team builds personal relationships with their customers.

There is an exciting future ahead for the Food Dude Fresh Jerk Grill as they will soon have a brick-and-mortar where it all began, in Miramar. To help you keep updated check out their social media pages on Facebook (@fooddudellc) and Instagram (@fooddude_llc)

Food Dude Fresh Jerk Grill