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DIRT, where real, clean, fresh food is made.

DIRT is an inclusive restaurant with the idea to bring vegans and nonvegans together by one bond – healthy, clean eating. With two locations in South Florida, DIRT has made a name for themselves by adding savory menu items while allowing the customer to choose from vegan options. 

The Struggle

Jeff LaTulippe, Cofounder, struggled with his weight his entire life. He had a love for finance and business and worked in Wall Street for some time before deciding to make the move to South Florida. After some self-education on nutrition, a wife that is vegetarian, and limited access to healthy foods in South Florida, Jeff felt it was time to combine his love for finance, business, and nutrition by opening DIRT. 

The Idea

The idea behind DIRT is simple, a place where everyone can enjoy a healthy meal in a casual environment. Everyone from the die-hard vegan to the old school dad who enjoys his steak, can relish on some healthy meals. DIRT is a place with more meaning than just running a business. It’s about taking pride in serving the community foods that are health conscious, fresh, and delicious. LaTulippe feels that if he can impact people’s lives in a positive way with DIRT, his job has been done right. He’s even thinking of expanding his locations outside of South Florida! 

The Success

South Florida has welcomed DIRT with open arms. They currently have two locations, Brickell and South Beach, where you can enjoy some clean eating. The most popular vegan dish on the menu is the Bombay bowl, an arugula and quinoa salad with butternut squash, pomegranate, and a whole bunch of other delicious ingredients. For dinner, try the Spaghetti squash alfredo, a 100% vegan and gluten free meal that’ll have you coming back for more! 

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