Chi Phi

ChiPhi food truck
Carey Sobel & James Guerino

The owners of Chi Phi (one from Chicago and the other is from Philadelphia) came together to share the best dishes from these two famous cities!

Did you know that According to the Huffington Post, 61% of college students expect to start their own business after graduation? James Guerino & Carey Sobel are examples of such entrepreneurial individuals. James, originally from Chicago, and Carey, who is from Philadelphia, met at the University of Central Florida. They soon became close friends and bonded over the fact that every time they visited their hometowns they could not wait to get their hands on a Philly Cheesesteak sandwich. They tried all the Philly Cheesesteaks they could find around Central Florida, but none lived up to the ones their hometowns are known for.

From UCF to ChiPhi

Are you a risk taker? After graduating from UCF, James and Carey decided to invest in a food truck to make their dreams into a reality. They founded ChiPhi to bring the cultures of their cities to Orlando. Unlike any other Philly Cheesesteak places in Orlando, ChiPhi uses high quality ingredients including hand-sliced fillet ribeye and feta cheese that is made in-house for each Philly Cheesesteak. Also, ChiPhi’s Chicago Italian Beef sandwich involves refrigerating the beef overnight, and making beef gravy made from scratch. For every sandwich bread is shipped from Chicago and Philadelphia, which natives rave about when they devour a ChiPhi sandwich. Fun fact, this type of bread is necessary to hold the flavorful juice and gravy incorporated in each sub. There is no need to fly to Chicago and Philadelphia with such delicious food right here in Orlando!

Authentic Cheesesteaks

James and Carey know they’re doing a good job when Chicago and Philadelphia natives give their “stamp of approval”. They tend to be the most harsh critics. They come expecting the worst, but end up leaving amazed.

If you haven’t tasted one of ChiPhi’s sandwiches, you can usually find them within an hour radius of Downtown Orlando, but the owners encourage people to follow their Facebook (@EatChiPhi) for their weekly schedule. What does the future have in store for Chi Phi? James and Carey plan on building a second truck, and potentially a brick-and-mortar. Chi Phi will always be on the lookout for way to improve faster service without jeopardizing the quality of their sandwiches.

Chi Phi