Cayo Costa State Park

palm trees at sunset

Believe it or not, there is still untouched coastline in Florida. Unfortunately, it's only accessible by boat or kayak. Which is probably the reason it is undeveloped, if we're being honest. Archaeological evidence places humans visiting this barrier island to approximately 14,000 years ago. Whether providing shelter for indigenous americans, civil war veterans, fisherman, or endangered wildlife, Cayo Costa has a nature of security.

The wildlife that frequent this island are rich in biodiversity and abundance. So much so, that volunteers and various community groups dedicate extensive time to keep their habitats suitable. Most notably, sea turtles are a staple of this area. Throughout the Gulf of Mexico, sea turtles face various threats from humans. Here at Cayo Costa, people try their hardest to provide refuge for this incredible species. 

tent on island

Plan your visit:

  • Reserve a campground and spend a night on the island
  • Check the ferry times to ensure your visit runs smoothly
  • Pack your snorkel gear, reef-safe sunscreen, and towels for some swimming activity
  • If you're around from April-October keep an eye out for sea turtle tracks 
  • Don't forget water, your wallet, and a map to maintain safety as a priority on your trip.