AUTEC Complex (Navy)

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U.S. Navy

AUTEC stands for the Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center. This facility has limited access on the main location in the Bahamas and it's support center in West Palm Beach is an office structure only with no general public access. 


“AUTEC provides instrumented operational areas in a real world environment to satisfy research, development, test and evaluation requirements and operational performance assessment of war fighter readiness in support of the full spectrum of maritime warfare.”  The main military facility for AUTEC is located on Andros Island Bahamas and access is restricted to those who are stationed there and the guests they sponsor (usually family). There is a military facility in West Palm Beach that is used in a support role to the main base on Andros Island. The facility in West Palm Beach is an office structure with no access open to the general public.

The AUTEC Andros Island base’s main attraction is in garnering a reputation as the “U.S. Navy’s Area 51.”  The facility is involved with state-of-the-art undersea surveillance and weapons research. According to a welcome aboard information document for new military personnel the base is mainly staffed by Navy civilians and contractors and the military personnel on location are for security purposes only. Numerous social media groups of veterans and ex-personnel who were stationed at Andros Island exist to swap their stories of working in a remote military research location in the Bahamas.