Aloha Chef Food Truck and Event Caterer

Tuna Poke
Chef Jonathan Brunold
Shaved Ice
Hawaiian Burger with Pineapple
Aloha Chef Truck

Aloha Chef is a full service catering kitchen. They also offer a Food Truck and huge BBQ/Smoker trailer. Aloha Chef also caters small to large events for Hawaiian Style eats.

Something light, something Unique, something Delicious

Aloha Chef offers healthy food truck fare that serves the flavors of Hawaii on a wave straight to your mouth. Try the variety of Pokes or stop by to grab a bowl of authentic shaved ice to stave off the heat. Aloha Chef is the unique food truck that brings the laid back lifestyle of Hawaii with the service of your very own chef, and all on four wheels.

From Waves to Wheels

Aloha Chef was started by Hawaii native Jonathan Brunold with his wife who is a Miami native. Jonathan was educated at the Kona West Hawaii culinary program and cultivated his skills in Hawaiian cuisine as banquet chef/captain at Kahala resort in Honolulu, as well as serving as an established mega yacht chef. After moving to Key West, the couple’s Cuba Catamaran Charter was set back by hurricane Irma, which forced refunds of 5 months of charters. Those refunds allowed Jonathan and his wife to start the Aloha Chef food truck and spread their love for unique Hawaiian fare to mainland Florida.

Aloha when you’re Hungry, Aloha when you’re Full

Aloha Chef’s unique fare consists of a variety of flavors of one of Hawaii’s key dishes, the Poke. A Poke is a salad bowl which has a mixture of natural flavors mixed to make the mouth water. Aloha Chef serves Shrimp, Raw Tuna, Prime Rib, and even tofu Pokes. Other dishes include Seaweed salad, Furikake Rice, and authentic Hawaiian Shave Ice, which is not your regular snow cone, and tailor made for hot Florida days.

Sharing the Hawaii Experience

Chef Jonathan and his wife enjoy the locals they meet at their food truck and the friends they have made on the journey that has taken them to both coasts and back. Chef Jonathan says that the “Aloha culture is just what [we] want to share... Aloha means Hello. I love you, goodbye, and basically be nice & share Aloha to others.” That Aloha is shared in the food served at Aloha Chef and in the words of the people who make it. Enjoy the Aloha every other Monday, at Hollywood Arts Park, as well as other food truck events. If you've tried it and want it at your own event, catering is extremely popular. Aloha Chef specializes in catering for Luau parties, Bar Mitzvahs, and Moana themed parties, as well as yacht events.

Come on over, grab a poke, spoon out some shaved ice, and maybe bring your own hammock too, because this might be the food truck that turns your vacation into a permanent residence.

Aloha Chef