Florida has many specialty museums for every age and taste. This includes hobby and collectable museums as well as Museums like Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum. Or course, here in Florida many of our specialty museums focus on the ocean with themes such as maritime and seashells.

Icon Orlando
6 Awesome Things to do in Orlando Outside the Theme Parks
Orlando isn't just about Mickey Mouse and his pals!
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Stop by the country's first law enforcement museum and memorial to see over 1100 exhibits and a large collection of police artifacts. You can also enjoy their state-of-the-art shooting center, so you can train just like the law enforcement officers. 

American Police Hall of Fame & Museum

Learn about the history of America's favorite food at Miami's Burger Museum by Burger Beast. They have tons of memorabilia from burger joints through history in this country.

Burger Museum by Burger Beast

Icon Orlando, previously known as the Orlando Eye, is a giant Ferris wheel that resides in the city of Orlando. Standing at 400 feet, this ride will take guests up and around to see the sights that Orlando has to offer. After purchasing tickets, guests can have their pictures taken if they choose and those will be available for purchase at the end of the ride. Visitors have to be careful when crossing the threshold into the little air conditioned bubble of the Ferris wheel but the employees are there to help you if needed. Be sure to take a camera to take photos of the beautiful scenery!

With seven locations around America, there's only one Madam Tussaud's. Madam Tussaud's is a rather unique place to visit, as it's a wax museum that is housed around the same area as the Icon Orlando Ferris Wheel. In this wax museum, guests can expect to find their favorite celebrities young, old, and passed away. They update their "exhibits" to keep up with the times, but some of the most memorable faces that have been seen here are Michael Jackson, Einstein, the most recent President of the United States, Oprah, Taylor Swift, and even Shrek. Photos can be taken with the historical figures or celebrities, but the flash must remain turned off the cameras as it can dilute the color of the waxing that the creators work so hard on. You'll really feel like you're standing next to your favorite celebrity when you're here!

At the World of Chocolate Museum and Café, guests can expect nothing but the sweetest things. The museum houses 25 different sculptures that are made entirely of chocolate and the tour will take you through the process of finding the perfect cacao beans to turning it into the beloved treat that so many enjoy. By the end of the tour, your mouth will be watering for a taste of the chocolate you just learned about, and you'll be in luck as they have samples for everyone after the tour is complete. The café that is attached has food such as paninis and salads, as well as pastries like chocolate croissants, but try the hot chocolate if you have a chance, it's delicious!