Florida Coffee Shops & Tea Rooms

Whether you call it a Coffee Shop, Coffee House, Coffee Bar, Espresso Bar, or other similar name, Floridians know, here in Florida, we will find great coffee drinks. Some may offer a cafe which serves snacks and other foods, while others offer only coffees and teas in a relaxing atmosphere. Same goes for Tea Rooms, which have been popping up all over Florida and is a trendy place to hangout. 

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1971 Roasters and Coffee Bar is a tea and coffee shop open every day from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. in Port St Lucie. They serve drinks hot, cold, and frozen, and their current drink menu is listed with pricing on their website. Their coffee is brewed fresh daily, and they are partnered with Mill City Roasters and Cafe Imports to provide fresh and quality ingredients. They host different events throughout the month, like acoustic evenings, live roasting sessions, and brewing classes. Bookmark their events page to keep track of all the fun things happening at the store!

The Achilles Art Cafe is filled with artwork and colors, representing its owner's vibe. It serves coffee, tea, frappes, sandwiches, and more. The cafe is furnished with couches, making the atmosphere more comfortable and cozy for its customers.

Austin's Coffee specializes in serving coffee and tea with only the most organic ingredients imported from around the world. They pride themselves on working with local farmers to ensure every ingredient they use is natural and environmentally friendly. They also serve treats such as sandwiches, salads, and numerous kinds of pastries. Austin's Coffee features live entertainment ranging from music and films to comedy and art shows.

Barnie's CoffeeKitchen has been serving freshly made, award-winning coffee for almost four decades. Aside from serving coffee, tea, and hot chocolate, they provide breakfast, lunch, and brunch menus. There's even a kids menu for the little ones. A café full of delectable treats, Barnie's CoffeeKitchen aims to offer its customers only the best. 

Benjamin French Bakery & Café is what any French-culinary enthusiast would hope for. Oui, this cafe brings almost all of the best parts of France to Orlando, Florida, including dessert, or in French, Pâtisserie; coffee; breakfast; and lunch. It's cozy, France-inspired, and its food is light yet filling.

Bikes Beans & Bordeaux was created by two cycling enthusiasts, Jen and Darrell Cunningham. B3 sells kid-inspired meals, breakfast, sandwiches, and drinks such as coffee and tea. It focuses on serving more healthy and protein-based foods than the average cafe does. With fresh hot chocolate made with Ghirardelli chocolate that will make your mouth water, Bikes Beans & Bordeaux is a great place in Central Florida to relax and enjoy yourself.

A feel good coffee shop offering some of the best lattes, teas, and bistro style food in Lakeland. Black & Brew has two locations, one in downtown Lakeland and the other at Lake Morton, attached to the Lakeland Public Library. Black & Brew offers indoor and outdoor seating and a relaxing atmosphere. 

This novel tea bar uses organic, local ingredients in everything from their refreshing milk teas to their outrageously charming Unicorn Waffles. Incorporating fresh ingredients like local farmers’ honey and homemade sugar, this tea bar delivers a tantalizing taste of the Sanford community in every sip.

Buddy Brew is a specialty coffee company that believes coffee should be more than just a boring cup o' joe. Whether you need your thirst quenched or a jolt of energy, Buddy Brew invites you to "brew good and do good" with their unique coffees and nitro cold brew.


Buddy Brew Coffee

Buddy Brew Sarasota is located in Downtown Sarasota. Contrary to the coffee shop's small space, the coffee packs quite a punch and keeps locals coming back. Buddy Brew coffee is high-quality and the brand is offered at several different locations. 

Get your caffeine pick-me-up with authentic Cuban coffee at Cuban Coffee Queen. There are two locations on the island where you can get coffee as well as breakfast foods, sandwiches, smoothies, and more.

De Azúcar imports quality ingredients from all over the world. From savory sandwiches to sweet pastries and desserts, they serve it all. De Azúcar also hosts baking classes for those who are just as passionate as the owner is about pastries. As if that wasn't enough, this coffeehouse offers breakfast, lunch, and dessert catering.

Dickens Coffee & Tea Room is a tea house that serves breakfast, lunch, and brunch. It specializes in loose leaf tea and an assortment of blended teas. Decorated lavishly, this tea room represents elegance with a touch of simplicity. Dickens Coffee & Tea Room hosts tea parties with Princesses, bridal showers, birthday parties, and more. It also occasionally has special events, so be sure to check out its website!


Downtown CREDO is a coffee shop in Orlando that believes in connecting with its creative community. It prides itself on purchasing fresh coffee beans from Guatemala and Nicaragua. Whether you're craving a cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or even an artistic atmosphere, Downtown CREDO has it.

The Drunken Monkey Coffee Bar was conceived to fill the need for Orlando to have excellent coffee and food everyone can enjoy. From plant-based choices to coffee sourced through fair trade, The Drunken Monkey is ethical and budget friendly. They also host local events such as stand-up comedy nights and art shows.

DUO58 Community Coffee Bar & Cafe's two primary goals are to serve its customers delicious food and help those in need. This special cafe is partners with Mission of Hope, a nonprofit organization that helps thousands of people in Haiti. DUO58 is also passionate about catering and providing its customers a pleasant experience. For more information about DUO58, visit its website.

Foxtail Coffee serves responsibly roasted coffee beans. They uphold quality and ethical standards by working with farmers world-wide who pay fair wages and are environmentally friendly. Check out one of their 4 locations in Orlando, Florida.

Gratitude Coffee acquires its ingredients from suppliers within the community and turns them into a mouthwatering dream. This intimate cafe provides countless books to read while sipping on a hot or cold beverage or chewing on a pastry! Gratitude Coffee also sells numerous coffee related memorabilia. 

Offering locally roasted beans and locally baked goods, Hillcrest is a growing addition to the best of Lakeland coffee. Hillcrest Coffee features a homey atmosphere and a beautiful patio to enjoy the caffeine classics. 

A comfortable and relaxing place for friends to hang out. Created by Lilian Trevisan, Holy Grain Coffee brings authentic Brazilian coffee and treats to Central Florida. Their menu includes teas, smoothies, sandwiches, and more!

Indulge yourself with French cuisine at iCafe Dé Paris. Located in Orlando, this cafe's primary objective is to share authentic French treats and coffee with its customers. iCafe Dé Paris serves many kinds of coffee including Turkish Coffee and Affogato. For dessert, they carry French Macarons, Cheesecakes, Kunefe, and much more.

Infusion Tea is an Orlando-based tea cafe with a light and fun ambiance. They serve tea, salads, tacos, sandwiches, paninis, pizzas, and more! Infusion Tea offers event catering as well as regular delivery to those who are craving their food but don't have the time to drive over. If you love their menu options and environment, they also offer event bookings for birthday parties. 

Kava Kat is a tea house and local art gallery located in Port St Lucie. They host all kinds of events, like paint and sip classes, open mics, live music, and much more. Their goal is to create a friendly and calming environment for all to feel welcome as a part of. They sell different sorts of teas and sweet treats, but their specialties involve kava, the root of a plant used for its soothing and calming affects. Book a table, and come in and sample a few of their drinks today!

Krungthep Tea Time is a tea room and sandwich shop that aims to put a Thai twist on its menu options and create a comfortable atmosphere. Besides regular tea and Thai-inspired sandwiches, they also serve sweet and sugary drinks and desserts such as coconut ice cream, a cold glass of lemonade, and tea flavored ice cream. Krungthep Tea Time prides themselves on satisfying their customers with their food, drinks, and a pleasant tea room to unwind or hang out with friends.

Krungthep is the Thai name for Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, and this tea room brings the incredible flavors of Thailand right to your table. The eatery is tucked away between the busy streets of Winter Park, bringing Thai cuisine and aromatic teas together with a twist. The menu has over 20 tea combinations that can be served hot or iced, fusion “Naked” sandwiches, and mile-high desserts for a crowd-pleasing snack bursting with flavor. Add a little excitement to your afternoon and transport yourself to Thailand with the exotic flavors waiting for you at Krungthep Tea Time.

Le Cafe De Paris was established by Claude and Chantel, two cafe-loving individuals who later fell in love. Le Cafe De Paris is a French cafe and family business that incorporates French foods and culture into an American community. If you're interested in something new and diverse, check out their website for more information. 

Lineage Coffee Roasting is a craft coffee roaster from Orlando, Florida. This hipster delight was started in 2012 by Jarrett and Justine in their backyard. Now, they have 3 locations in Orlando and source coffee from all over the world.

Lineage Coffee Roasting

Metro Espresso Pizza Cafe has combined two of America's favorites (Coffee and Pizza) into one restaurant. Besides pizza (including gluten-free) and coffee, this cafe serves pasta, salad, onion rings, wings, and so many more delectable foods. Metro Espresso Pizza Cafe also delivers to selected locations.

Mitchell's Coffee House is a family owned, independent coffee house determined to offer gourmet coffee and delicious breakfast and lunch. Mitchell's offers two downtown locations. 

A coffee shop located in Clermont's Citrus Tower that offers coffee roasted fresh, daily. They have several other locations on the west coast of Florida, and they also deliver their beans at an affordable price. 

A popular neighboorhood coffee house/bar nestled in the Fort Lauderdale's premier art district.

Perq Coffee Bar in Sarasota is known for specialty coffee and a relaxed atmosphere. Wine, light food choices, beer, and tea are also available. Vegan and gluten-free food options make this bar unique and inclusive.

If you’re looking for a sensational East-meets-West gastro experience, look no further than Pom Pom’s Teahouse & Sandwicheria in Orlando. This hidden gem offers everything from fragrant teas to tantalizing desserts, along with original gourmet Thai-fusion sandwiches created by celebrity chef and owner Pom Moongauklang. The teahouse also presents a gallery of local artists to appeal to your optical palate as well, making this spot a must-see for art and food lovers alike.

The Sno Tea Caffè is a Taiwanese bubble tea cafe. Tea made only from loose leaf, Sno Tea Caffè takes pleasure in bringing traditional Taiwanese culture to America. It also serves hot tea, smoothies, frozen yogurt shakes, shaved snow, jelly ice, desserts, and more. Located near the University of Central Florida, the Sno Tea Caffè is a great place to stop by, have a treat, and observe college students in their natural habitat.

Stardust Video & Coffee is a vegan-friendly cafe that serves breakfast, lunch, brunch, and dinner. By no means is this cafe fancy, though. Rather, it's hip, and its employees stay true to this notion. Stardust Video & Coffee also hosts events such as Trivia Night, Karaoke, and more! Check out the event calendar on the website for more information.

Stardust Video and Coffee in Orlando is a coffee shop/eatery that has DVDs and VHS tapes for rent. The shop has a calm ambiance and offers vegan food and beverage options. There is both inside and outside seating.

A picture of the interior of Stardust Video and Coffee

With pride and care, Subculture Coffee crafts the highest quality coffee in the Pineapple Grove Art District.

Tea and Tea's primary focus is tea, serving more than 130 combinations. Their selection ranges from cream tea to fruit tea to oolong tea. Customers can also enjoy a sandwich or pastry on the side, or even opt for a cup of coffee instead. Tea and Tea also hosts open mic nights from time to time, introducing anyone who wants to showcase their talent.

Although they are widely known for their acai bowls, Tea Largo also offers delicious coffee and tea choices. And the best part, you can order ahead! 

The Bricks in Tampa is a restaurant that offers vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free menu items. The menu also consists of coffee and different drink options. Guest can dine in or take-out.

The Glass Knife in Winter Park is a beautiful cafe with donuts, specialty coffee drinks, and other treats. Visitors can sit inside or outside and there is a separate menu for food and drinks.

The Lemon Lily Tea Room & Bakery transports its customers back in time with its pastel colors and old-fashioned teapots. They serve several kinds of teas including black, green, red, herbal, and white. The customers may also choose their caffeine content. The Lemon Lily Tea Room & Bakery's finger sandwiches come in various sizes and shapes, while their desserts look almost too delectable to eat!

The Reserve in Sarasota is a truly wonderful place. The location serves several purposes, such as a casual hangout, a meeting place, or a coffee+tea room. The Reserve offers kombucha, coffee, craft beer, wine, tea, light foods, and books for sale. There is often live music during the week and different events.

The Tea Room Experience captivates its customers with its traditional environment and selection of loose leaf tea. A small shop owned by a mother and daughter, The Tea Room Experience serves Afternoon Tea. Along with the steaming cup of delicious tea that is personally handpicked by the shop's very own Certified Tea Sommelier, The Tea Room Experience serves finger sandwiches, fresh scones, pastries, and cupcakes. 


The Windsor Rose Tea Room and Restaurant is a traditional British tea room that was established by Richard and Christine Annis in 1991. After many owners, Paul and Susan Goodale took over and are still in charge today. Their menu includes British and American teas, treats, and meals. Paul and Susan Goodale pride themselves on the friendly and personal atmosphere they have created in their tea room. They also host events from time to time. Check their website or Facebook for more information.

Starting from humble beginnings in the Deland Farmers Market, Trilogy has become a staple in the downtown Deland community. The coffee house offers exquisite small-batch coffees prepared with care and expertise, delivering an unparalleled coffee experience for the caffeine inclined. The company’s standard is specialty grade, manually roasted coffee that is ethically sourced and takes pride in brewing every cup from the moment it’s poured to the last drop. It’s not just another cup of coffee, it’s the cup of coffee you’ll want to start your day with.

The Village Coffee Pot offers the freshest premier cup of coffee to start your day right. The café serves classic hot and iced beverages and Cuban coffee, and pairs them with fresh cakes, cookies, and sweet treats for a flavorful morning kickstart or an indulgent afternoon pick-me-up. If you’re in the mood for a bigger bite to eat, the café also hosts a premium deli that serves gourmet wraps and sandwiches to keep you both caffeinated and satiated. Experience the simplicity of a great cup of coffee at the Village Coffee Pot of Mount Dora.

Vivi Bubble Tea is a tea shop that offers a variety of bubble teas. Its menu selection ranges from fresh fruit teas to milk teas to slush teas. Vivi Bubble Tea also has signature drinks that look just as extraordinary as they sound. 

The Zanzibar Coffee House is an African-themed coffee shop that specializes in tea, breakfast, pastries, and of course, numerous kinds of coffee. Opened in 2015, its paramount goal is to capture the essence of African culture. The Zanzibar Coffee House also has vegan options and occasionally hosts events.