Escape Rooms in Florida

Escape rooms in Florida are a growing trend that isn't going anywhere. The popularity and culture of an adventurous night out with friends and family where you work together to escape is an experience that is fun for all. The Escape Rooms in Florida are innovative and constantly improving to create new puzzles and themes. 


Florida Listings

The Daytona Escape Room Experience offers six full-length escape rooms, from sixty to seventy five minutes in length, with difficulty ranging from easy to hard. They also have a two minute long escape game that features just two puzzles, fit for one player at a time, but it is nonetheless challenging to beat and doesn't require a reservation. Their other rooms cater to party sizes from two to ten players at a time. If you're seeking a fun night out, this venue has the exciting and challenging memorable experience you're looking for.

Escape Hunt Miami currently features three escape rooms with an additional room being released soon. The rooms are challenging and invigorating, and players twelve and older are invited to participate. Their story lines and sets are immersive to keep the experience entertaining the entire sixty minutes you are trying to escape. Solve the puzzles within the game and figure out the clues needed to escape. Bring your family or friends! Rooms are suitable for two to six guests at a time, and you never have to worry about being paired with strangers. Each room is private and will only be enjoyed by your party. 

Escape LOL features live escape rooms located in Cantonment, FL. They currently feature two rooms: Pirate Peril and Prison Escape, and their reviews have been buzzing with positive feedback. Solve puzzles and clues in order to work your way out of the room with approximately 2-8 players sleuthing at a time. Play with friends and family, or get partnered with strangers. They offer gift cards and birthday party packages. Check out their website to make your reservation!

Escape Rooms Unlocked has three locations along Charlotte and Sarasota County. They offer seven different escape rooms. That's a whole lot of puzzles! Try to crack their codes and solve the mysteries behind each unique story line and room design. Invite friends and family to join your for a memorable experience, or get paired with strangers for an exciting way to meet new people. For larger parties or group events, Escape Rooms Unlocked has a portable escape room that they can bring to you! Check out their website and plan your next experience.

Imagine Escape Games is an entertainment venue located in Tampa, FL, featuring four unique escape rooms waiting to be solved. Experience the mystery and solve the puzzles in under sixty minutes with two to seven players. Grab friends or family members, or experience the fun with total strangers! Currently, they are donating 10% of their summer proceeds to different charities across Tampa Bay every two weeks, so check out Imagine Escape Games and find a room for you.

iPanic Escape Room is an amusement center located in Lakeland, FL, right inside the Lakeland Square Mall. They currently feature four different escape rooms with varying difficulty and occupancy size. Solve puzzles, find the clues and hidden keys, and advance to the next step on your escape in 60 minutes. They can currently fit up to forty people at once when divided among the four rooms, but for even larger events, they provide a mobile unit, which is an escape room that they bring and cater to you for up to seventy five people at once. 

Room 5280 Live Escape Games is located in Jacksonville,  FL, and it features four different escape rooms. Accept the challenge and bring your friends and family along with you to beat the puzzles and riddles of each room and escape in just 60 minutes. Each room is unique in its own story line, difficulty, and layout. You'll have to escape all four to really conquer Room 5280!

The Escape Game Orlando is located downtown on International Drive and features six unique escape rooms. Find the clues, crack the codes, and escape your room in under 60 minutes with your family, friends, or adventurous strangers! Their website offers difficulty levels and 3D views of all of their rooms, so you know exactly what kind of layout you'll be facing. Their rooms promote team building, and they have become quite the popular hangout location of downtown Orlando.

Try-N-Escape is an entertainment center located in Boca Raton, FL. They offer three different and very challenging escape rooms, and they are praised for being frustratingly exciting. You have sixty minutes to escape the room following clues, unlocking puzzles, and beating the codes. It is a great exercise for team building, and though challenging, it is suitable for all ages to join!

Will to Escape is a relatively new entertainment center located directly in Jupiter, FL and offering three immersive escape rooms. The rooms that they provide have engaging story lines and intricate build designs to keep guests entertained and coming back to finish all of their rooms. The location created a positive reputation for itself after only two months of being open. Come find out what all the reviews are really about.