Youth organizations have been positively impacting the lives of young people for generations. They are one of the most important activities we can invest our time and resources in. There are more than 500 youth organizations in Florida with focus areas ranging from religion, sports, and education. These organization are vital for the growth and development of the youth in that they support children and teens through their challenges and provide resources and services to keep them on the right track. Supporting your local family and youth organizations is critical to the social wellbeing of our society. Get involved today!

Florida Listings

The Blanchard YMCA Family Center resides next to Jay Blanchard Park in Orlando. It is used for recreational purposes such as Zumba classes and swimming, and it houses a fitness center. There are always events going on at this YMCA so check out the website for an updated schedule of events. 

The mission of the Child Protection Center, Inc. (CPC) is Child Abuse: Prevention, Intervention and Treatment. CPC envisions a community in which children are safe from abuse and free to thrive. 

Iam50million is a social group that teaches personal development and does charity work. The group offers a variety of ongoing events to attend like movie nights, social walks, and the ever popular Improv development class. There is something going on almost every day and more people joining all the time. Come hang out with this enriching and welcoming group of people.

Check out their vibrant facebook to connect with their active members:

Mission is to improve our quality of life in Lake County by providing coordination and funding for prevention and intervention programs for children, youth and families through collaborative, community-based services.