Buy or Sell a Business

The opportunities for entrepreneurs to buy or sell a business in Florida are plentiful with employment services, water transportation, amusement parks, and arcades having the most opportunities. Prime territories for buying or selling a business include Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, and many other locations across the state.

Steps for buying a business in Florida:

  • Educate yourself on the process and Florida Business laws and organizational structures
  • Organize your finances and determine your top budget, whether you will be paying in full or seeking seller financing. 
  • Decide on the business type that will thrive with your talents and knowledge
  • Set aside time everyday for your research and search
  • Set a deadline and stick to it. 
  • Work with a professional who will guide you through the process and help with documents. 

Steps for selling a business in Florida: 

  • Get your records in order
  • Know how you want to sell - do you want to keep some percent of the business, do you want to offer financing to the buyer, or do you want to get a lump sum and get out completely
  • Know what your business is worth and what you want for it
  • Be ready to share your story on why you are selling