Florida Art Museums

Florida is home to a wide variety of art museums. Many cities, such as Orlando and Jacksonville, have more than one art museum displaying everything from contemporary art to older American art. Art museums are most prolific in the Miami and Tampa areas, where lots of great art can be found under many different specialties. Permanent collections at some Florida colleges also make for a great museum visit.

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With so many museums in Florida, we thought it would be fun to show you a unique experience with our choices of the most original museums in Florida.
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Established in 1937 as an art colony, the Maitland Art Center currently offers contemporary art exhibitions, residency programs for professional artists, and various art curriculum. It provides an immersive experience unlike a typical museum and encourages visitors to take a closer and in-depth look at artists and the artistic process. 

The art style of the structures is based on the Mayan Revival style, and includes concepts and styles influenced by Mesoamerican, Asian, and African cultures. This makes it a unique experience on its own, but combined with the gardens, rotating exhibits, and various educational programs it's an experience unlike anything else that Florida has to offer.

The Marietta Museum of Art & Whimsy celebrates the creativity of Sarasota  by showcasing items of artistic and whimsical importance. It features a wide variety of artists working in all kinds of different media.

Marietta Museum of Art & Whimsy

Curating a stimulating and imaginative collection of provocative modern art, the Modernism Museum of Mount Dora is an innovative art experience for visitors of all ages. The museum displays everything from Exhibitionist installments to Cubism, and Abstraction to furniture art. Inspired by thriving ingenuity and bold design concepts, the museum is a visual voyeur of the simplicity of design meeting the craftsmanship of functional art.

The Ritz Theater and Museum is a performance and museum space in Jacksonville. Located in the historic African American community of La Villa, the Ritz aims to celebrate and preserve African American culture and art.

Listen up art fans, if you're looking for a place to admire some beautiful art pieces, then there is a place just for you. Come on down and visit The Mennello Museum of American Art.  Here you can examine a wide array of paintings by many talented artists, including Earl Cunningham. You can also check out some programs such as educational initiatives, publications, and exhibitions that pay tribute other American art and its artists across a diverse range of American art. It has four intimate rooms and gallery spaces to show American art of all genres and time periods.

Not only do they have exhibitions indoors, but they also have an outdoor exhibition annually in the Marilyn L. Mennello Sculpture Garden. This museum is affiliated with The Smithsonian, who shares scholarships and exhibitions with the community. The museum even has the Orlando Urban Trail, the museum’s outside space that has green grass, a view of the lake, and walking paths. With all that it has to offer, why wouldn't you come by this art museum? So take a visit to The Mennello Museum of American Art and enjoy all the art you could ask for.

The Mennello Museum of American Art Building

Wynwood Walls is ground zero for the creative movement that has swept across the Wynwood neighborhood of Miami, transforming it from the warehouse district to the art district. It is an endless canvas of walls on 2nd Avenue that hosts some of the best street artists that have traveled from around the nation to find a home in the best street art neighborhood in the country. Dubbed a "museum of the streets," by Jeffrey Deitch. 

The Zora Neale Hurston National Museum is dedicated to showcasing the talents of artists from the African continent and Diaspora, or those of African descent. Exhibitions last between three to four months on a rotating basis, and although they don't require a set fee, the museum greatly appreciations donations. Working with the Orlando Museum of Art, the Cornell Museum of Fine Arts, and other institutions, the Zora Neale Museum has been able to showcase over 50 exhibits since 1990. 

Visit their website to find out information on the museum or stop in to check out their exhibits in person!