Florida Dinner & Mystery Shows

Dinner and mystery theaters can be a great way to turn a simple meal into something amazing. Florida offers a wide variety of shows including adult-only shows and family friendly entertainment. Many of these shows feature unchanging themes such as mysteries or knights, while others host different shows and events at different times. There are lots of theaters located around the attractions in Orlando, but theaters can be found all over Florida.

Florida Listings

Medieval Times is the most immersive dinner show in Orlando. Here you can join a team and cheer on your knight as he battles to be the queen's champion. Enjoy a delicious 4-course feast fit for the times as you watch the show. In addition to the show, there's plenty to explore and experience around the castle when you visit.

Phoenix Tears productions is one of the shining pillars in interactive theatre. Every month they perform a series of short plays written by local writers and cast from local actors and directors. These shows usually only last a couple minutes, but every show has multiple performances, sometimes with a special local musician to spice things up.

Alongside this, they perform interactive, audience participation plays, where the audience quite literally becomes a part of the production. An audience member may walk directly up to an actor and ask them questions, and they will find out new information that nobody else knows. Every one of their interactive shows features a main character who is murdered, then the audience has to decide who did it. 

Become a detective and solve the crime at Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows! Here you will be treated to a dinner while you become part of the comedy show and put your skills to the test to solve the mystery. 

The Dinner Detective is a comedy mystery dinner show currently showing in 4 cities across Florida: Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, and West Palm Beach. It shows in hotels in those cities, giving families a delicious meal as well as a mystery to solve in which they may became the lead suspect.