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A Journey to Walk the entire Florida Peninsula Coastline

As a native Floridian who has been to just about every beach in Florida and who loves the sand, tranquility and natural wonder of the shoreline, I am embarking on a journey.

This has been a tough year. Coronavirus has been lingering since March and here we are, 7 months later, still hearing about new cases every single day, wearing our masks to protect ourselves, our families and those we meet, and living in a world of fear and anxiety. And with a political divide that is dividing people rather than uniting, I am feeling the need to bring a more positive vibe to Florida and it’s culture in the hopes that people can see each other in a common spirit, and come together as part of a shared community.

I recently watched “The Impossible”, the true story of a family who survived a tsunami, that is an amazing story of hope and survival. I was inspired to watch it from this video “2020 Hope seen through the Lens of Movies“, which showcases the human spirit of hope and unity. And I believe that we all need to do more to move forward together. So my goals are to showcase the beautiful beaches raising awareness for the importance of protecting our beaches, beach wildlife, and keeping them healthy in a common goal, while placing a strong emphasis on the cultures of the beach towns and the people who live and work there. I believe cultural awareness unites people.

In order to experience, hands on, the beaches and cultures across Florida and to help raise awareness for the health of our beaches, I am going to attempt to walk the entire coastline of sandy beaches in Florida.

The Walk in the Sand Florida Journey

My journey will start at the northwestern tip in the Pensacola area and I will be walking east along the panhandle. I don’t know how long this journey will take, but my goal is to walk the entire sandy coast including every beach in the entire peninsula of Florida. Realistically, I don’t think this will be possible due to some private areas and some harder to reach areas. And I am doing this on a tight budget and I will be living and immersing myself in the beach towns along the coast. On this journey, I may not be able to get out to all of the boat access only barrier islands. My main goal is to include the coastline that you can drive to and walk on.

I am excited about starting in the Emerald coast, home of some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world. I will start at the Alabama/Florida border and walk east on beautiful Perdido Key.

On this journey, I will not only be sharing the gorgeous sands of Florida and the coastlines, I will be exploring the beach towns, talking to the people who live, work and travel there, learning about the culture. I hope to discover local small businesses to share with the world the entrepreneurs and innovators who help make Florida amazing.

Along with me on my journey will be my amazingly talented daughter, Cortney, who is the Senior Editor and Photographer, head of all content for FloridaSmart.com. We will be producing and promoting content along with our team of writers and videographers in an effort to bring a positive vibe to the people, towns and cultures.

From this journey, we will be sharing our experience of living in the beach towns of Florida through our Florida Guides that include everything from the beaches, beach wildlife, fishing, boating, best places to stay, eat and play, communities, sports, arts, interesting information about the town featuring local businesses in the area, and so much more, that will be available on FloridaSmart.com.

My personal beach blog will be posted in a Walk in the Sand Journey for each beach.

We hope to meet you on our journey and we look forward to sharing what makes each and every beach and beach town in Florida so special. I’d love to walk stretches of the beaches with local business owners, community leaders, influencers and news media, to walk in the gorgeous sands while talking about what is important to locals in the area. Visit WalkintheSand.com and contact me to coordinate a time to schedule and exclusive walk with me along a stretch of beach in your town.

Note that we are very covid conscious. We want to meet business owners and locals but will be doing much of it virtual, outside on the beaches, or with our masks inside until covid is conquered.

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About the author

Patti Jewel

Content Marketing Expert and owner of a content focused digital agency. Patti is also a life-long Florida resident, beach lover, nature lover, who is always looking for the positive things to focus on in Florida.