Vegan Spots to Visit Next Time You’re in Miami

Hugueth Galo
Vegan Food

It’s pretty difficult to indulge in delicious food and still be beach ready. Luckily, the clean eating trend doesn’t seem to be such a trend anymore. In fact, being vegan and eating healthy is starting to become the norm for many people. Because of this we’re seeing more and more vegan/ healthy options popping up. Miami is known for its beautiful beaches and savory foods but now you can add vegan to the list of foods popular in town! Check out these vegan spots next time you’re in Miami. 

Love Life Café

Love Life Cafe

This café is located in the heart of Miami, inside of Love Life Wellness center, a place where you can schedule workouts/yoga classes, holistic services, and of course, eat! This place is dedicated to offering customers a way to heal both mentally and physically. However, if you’re only interested in the food than that’s okay too. The café offers everything from breakfast to soups to burgers to pizza! Everything is made with health in mind, so you won’t feel guilty eating it. 


Chef Chloe and The Vegan Café

Chef Chloe

If you have a sweet tooth, Chef Chloe and The Vegan Café is the place for you. They offer cake, cookies, cupcakes, and more. The food taste good, looks good, and the café is located in the Miami design district - you’ll be Instagraming everything! The staff is also a huge part of the welcoming feeling because they’re so attentive and willing to help in any way they can. There’s also the fact that the café is so popular that even celebrities go there. All this aside, the food is what stands out the most. If you didn’t know it was vegan food, you’d never be able to tell. 



DIRT Vegan restaurant

Don’t let the name fool you. DIRT is all about clean-eating which is why they offer vegan options to their customers. The idea is to have inclusivity at the restaurant so anyone who wants to eat clean can enjoy - vegan or not. With two locations in Miami, DIRT has been the talk of the town for offering fresh, delicious food. Jeff LaTulippe, co-founder, says he started DIRT because he struggled with his weight in the past and wanted to provide a place where you didn’t have to compromise on taste in order to eat clean. 


Delirio Fresh

Delirio Fresh

Delirio Fresh offers abundant meals to give you tons of energy for your day. They’re unique however, because they practice what they preach. Not only do they have four locations in Miami where you can go to enjoy some healthy vegan food, but they also offer meal plans to be delivered right to your door. That’s right, they have made it so simple for you to be healthy on a daily basis! Everything from green juices to acai bowls to smoothies to empanadas – Delirio Fresh has got it. 


Almalibre Açaí Bar

Almalibre Acai Bar

Almalibre Açaí Bar aims at feeding your adventurous sprit in hopes of giving you the courage to go out and do what you’ve always wanted. They have a number of items on their menu, but their acai is by far the most popular. Almalibre carries a unique formula for their acai that no one else in the world offers (because they own the rights to it of course). Nevertheless, the acai is creamy and flavorful and according to the owner, the #1 acai not just in Miami but in Florida! 


Vegan & Juice

Vegan and Juice Miami

Vegan & Juice is a quaint little place in Miami that offers fresh, healthy vegan food. They stress the importance of health and treating our bodies like delicate temples that should be treasured. Along with the use of science, the staff at Vegan & Juice understand what our bodies need to be healthy and they incorporate that into their food options. The menu is unique in flavor and choices and everything tastes exquisite. 


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