Star Wars Celebration Orlando Florida 2017

Star Wars fans gather for the largest annual Star Wars Celebration in Orlando
Patti Jewel
Starwars Celebration Orlando 2017

Fans from around the world come together once a year for the Star Wars Celebration, an annual event that takes place in only one location each year. 2017 was the year for Orlando to host this massive event where the 4 day celebration brought fans from around the world.

The first day, Thursday, April 13th, a surprise appearance from Harrison Ford and George Lucas started the celebration off with pure excitement. George Lucas shared stories of how Star Wars started and other celebrities shared some of their own experiences. Another treat for fans was the appearance of renowned Composer John Williams with the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra playing the Princess Leia Theme at the end of the tribute to Carrie Fisher.

After long lines on the first day, more doors opened on day 2 to help bring fans through the doors faster. The first 2 nights had sleepovers for those who wanted to be first in line for the panels and events of the day.

The most talked about event on Friday, was the debut of the trailer for The Last Jedi.
This celebration was complete with exclusive merchandise from the Star Wars Store and from vendors featuring everything from t-shirts to headgear to art.
Many impressive displays of Legos...


Lego had a huge display with every Lego imaginable. Star Wars Celebration Orlando Legos

Wandering around the event floor were droids including R2-D2 and BB-8.
But the best part of the event, was the fans. Those Star Wars Fans who dressed up in every costume imaginable were only too happy to have their pictures taken and were just awesome people.