Must Eats in Mills 50

Date night, lunch to-go, or friendly brunch. Look no further than this 1 mile stretch.
Christian Huerta
cafe con leche and a sandwich

There are countless restaurants in Mills 50 District (not really, I counted 52), so I want to make sure you've got your bases covered. 

Must Trys

1) Ming's Bistro

table with dim sum dishes


Authentic Hong Kong style dim sum and Chinese classics. Their outside appearance does not represent the quality of the food - don't be scared to try it out. 


2) Black Bean Deli



Let me tell ya, I've been to Cuba... and Black Bean Deli's food is better. My go-to is to stop in for some guava pastelitos and a cafe con leche as a cheap & tasty afternoon snack.


3) Sanctum Cafe



As a former vegetarian, it’s incredibly refreshing to see veg options that are different from your basic black bean burger or side salad. The owners carefully crafted plant-based dishes to satisfy your health-food side. 


4) Little Saigon

soup with jalapeños and bean sprouts


They offer an extensive menu of Vietnamese options, but don’t pass over their summer rolls - hands down the BEST peanut dipping sauce I’ve ever had. Pairs well with a Thai tea too.


5) Pig Floyd's Urban Barbakoa



Puerto Rican flare on barbecue sandwiches, platters, & tacos. My favorite is their elote: $4 street corn that I’ll wait in line for any time of day. 


6) The Strand          

sandwich and glass of wine


Local food, family-owned, welcoming atmosphere. What more could you want? I suggest visiting here for date-night or Saturday brunch.


7) Shin Jung

people sitting inside restaurant


The only exclusively Korean menu in Mills 50. If you're unfamiliar with Korean cuisine, don't be intimidated by the menu, their wait staff is happy to answer any of your questions! (Trust me, I asked at least 15)


8) Dandelion Communitea Cafe



Another veggie option, but I don't think meat-lovers would even complain about this one. I admire Dandelion for their dedication to their mission. Not only do they fulfill sustainability goals, but they encourage customers and employees to do the same. My recommendation: sweet potato burrito.


9) Maxine's on Shine          

patio tables and lights


The place to eat when you want extensive beer & wine options or live entertainment. This couple-owned restaurant gives you a home-y menu and feel. 


After those, sample these

The three listed below are the most iconic Mills restaurants. As much as I love, and frequent, these joints; I think they receive plenty of press. So I encourage you to branch out to 1-9 first. 

10) Santiago's Bodega

outside view of santiago's porch


Their happy hour can't be beat. Select $5 tapas, $3 sangria, and outside dining that will certainly brighten your mood. 


11) Hawker's Asian Street Fare

table full of plates


Small-plate dishes to share for the whole table. Enjoy beer, wine, and sake with friends, but don't come in a hurry, they're usually on a wait. 


12) Tako Cheena         

veggie burrito


Perfect late night snack after some Mills bar hopping. Chinese inspired tacos and burritos taste better than they sound. 


(not so) Little Asia

boba and macaroons


Mills 50 has a plethora of Asian cuisine options. I am no expert. But! I can split them into categories to make your decision a little easier:

  • Boba: ViVi Bubble Tea, Chewy Boba Company, Royaltea, Paris Banh Mi
  • Sushi & Japanese: Bikkuri Sushi and Noodle Grill, Sushi & Seoul (a food truck but often parks off Mills), Sus Hi Sensation, Yamasan Sushi and Grill
  • Thai: Pop Thai, Thai House of Orlando, 
  • Pho & Vietnamese: Pho #7, Pho 88, Vietnam Cuisine Restaurant, Nha Trang Subs, Lac Viet Bistro, Anh Hong, Paris Banh Mi
  • Chinese: Tasty Wok, Ming's Bistro, Chan's
  • Korean: Shin Jung, Korea House Restaurant (not quite Mills, but close)
  • Fusion: Loving Hut, Mamak Asian Street Food, King Bao, Hawkers, Chuan Lu Garden

If you'd rather cook at home, check out the many Asian grocery stores along Colonial in this area. I hope this helps start your journey into Orlando's food gems. Enjoy!