A Visit to Florida Caverns State Park


The Florida Caverns are the only above ground cavern in all of Florida accessible to tourists - and for the only cave in Florida, they are absolutely amazing. The park itself is massive and contains caves, beautifully diverse trails, and even a small yet deep spring that is available to swim in. 

Caves: the main cave is quite abundant and available only by paying a small fee for the cave tour, and rest assured, the tour is well worth it. Inside the cave, the tour guides will show you around some large and beautiful cave structures as well as explain how the cave was created and how easily it can be destroyed. And who knows, maybe you'll even stumble upon a bat or two while you're in there. 

Trails: Florida Caverns state park has some of the best and most unique trail systems in all of Florida. The trails not only take you around small cave like structures along with clean swamp lands and also through an actual cave itself - and no, this one does not include a paid tour. The tunnel cave that the Floodplain trail takes you directly through is the only cave existing in the midst of a trail in all of Florida, and it's completely free to explore. 

Spring: Just when it seems as though this park is as unique and amazing as it gets, in the state of Florida, it just gets even better. That's because the park also includes a beautiful swimming spring near the campgrounds. The Blue Hole Spring is exactly as the name suggests. The spring looks like a giant blue hole in the ground and is absolutely a must see for anyone visiting the park.