City of Altamonte Springs, Florida

The heart of Seminole County is the suburban city of Altamonte Springs. The name Altamonte is Spanish for “high hill” but was originally spelled without the “e”. This city has an extremely active parks and recreation department, and hosts the state’s largest Independence Day celebration. As the city grows, the Uptown Altamonte area grows. Cranes Roost at Uptown Altamonte features a water fountain choreographed to classical, swing and contemporary music.

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The Altamonte Springs City Library is in Seminole County but it is not part of the official Seminole County library system. It has been operated by the city since 1960.

Take a ride on the brand new Sand Blaster Roller Coaster, reach for the sky upon The Giant Ferris Wheel, and find fun for all ages on family rides and go-karts! Right in the heart of Daytona Beach, Boardwalk Amusements is just South of the Ocean Walk entertainment complex.

City College is a Florida college with locations in Altamonte Springs, Fort Lauderdale, Gainesville, Hollywood, and Miami. It offers associates and bachelors degrees in the fields of business, heath, and legal/justice.