Florida's Gold Coast map

Florida’s Gold Coast extends along the Southeast Florida region from Miami to Palm Beach bordering the Atlantic ocean. The area is known for it’s sprawling urban lifestyle and fun beaches and filled with entertainment and nightlife and has become a popular destination for spring breakers and those seeking a fun beach destination. The majority of beaches along the Gold Coast are urban with city park areas with bathroom facilities, picnic tables and some have playgrounds. If you are seeking a more natural park, MacArthur Beach State Park sits on the north end of Palm Beach County and offers a secluded destination with nature trails and kayaking.

This urban coastal area originally got it’s name due to the high cost of living and glitzy image of the major cities in the region. As the area grew and developed, it attracted wealthy northerners who purchased real estate as their winter homes, transplants or investment opportunities. This real estate was “gold” as the value was inherent in this year-round warm climate and beautiful tropical landscape.